Monday, December 31, 2012

Kuzey Güney 56.Bölüm Fragman 2 - Episode 56 preview 2

0:01 We lost a 100 million dollars because of your vagrant sibling. 0:05 What kind of hatred is that? Did my doughtier harm any one to deserve this? What makes someone to have a revenge this way? 0:13 Didn't you embarrassed? 0:14 I'm sorry. 0:16 I can neither give 15 days nor couple of days. 0:19 You will not able to manage this. 0:21 Now, tell us why this gun was in your car? 0:23 Is there and progress about the home Handan Hanim? 0:26 Which home? 0:28 Guney said you are looking for to find one. 0:31He is so-called Banu's husband, Sinaner's son in law.. All nonsense. 0:36 God bless you. 0:40 Zeynep is here.She brought some flower as well. What a nice girl. 0:46 Not really. He is in a good mood. Today Kuzey is divorcing. 0:50 Cemre come here. Where are you going?

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