Sunday, December 16, 2012

Kuzey Guney 54. Bolum Fragman Episode 54 English

Banu: You never wanted this baby. Since the beginning, since you heard. You you didn't even get excited. Handan: She is right son. You didn't get excited for the baby. Your marriage would be in danger. God forbid you and I would take the consequence. Guney: Dont worry mom. Nothing would happen to you. You would secure yourself even in the worst condition. Zeynep: There are things happening at work that you don't know about. I dont know what they are trying to find but it would cause you to go to the jail. Baris: Banu... Baris: For sure will tell Guney... G: Why you are not telling me.. For sure there is something Banu: Guney… Police: We want to see Baris Akman. Kuzey: I'm talking about divorcing. We need to take care of it before the new year. Simay: You said you didn't need marriage.