Thursday, February 28, 2013

Kuzey Güney 63.Bölüm Full Tek parca - Ep. 63 Full

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Kuzey Güney 61.Bölüm Fragman 4 - Ep. 61 Preview 4

Baris: We'll see how big their love is. Will ms. Cemre keep being in love in this condition? Cemre: You can't stop us. Either you or Baris.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Kuzey Güney 61.Bölüm Fragman 3 - Ep. 61 Preview 3

Police: Are you saying that Kuzey killed Ferhat ? Baris: I don't say he killed Ferhat but he set him up (for that night) Cemre: If you love me, please run away. I'm begging you. K: Why should I run away? why… C: Baris turned you into police. Zeynep: You are the reason If Kuzey will go to jail. Are you happy? Baris: We will see how big is their love. C: Either you or Baris none of you will stop us.

Kuzey Güney 61.Bölüm Fragman 2 - Ep. 61 Preview 2

Simay: Who is that? Kuzey: What are you trying to do? This is what you do to me? First Demet then Simay? Burak: Speed up.. Driver: Burak: Do what I say. Speed up! Ebru: Now I'm happier because of we got rid of one of our impediments.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Kuzey Güney 61.Bölüm Fragman 1 - Ep. 61 Preview 1

Kuzey: You bastard! Seref: Kuzey… I can explain. Kuzey: You pervert.. what will you explain huh? Handan: What happened son? Guney: Yes. Something bad happened for you. Sami is engaging today. Handan:You will pay for this (sami) Baris: You made a big mistake Cemre. You won't be forgiven. Cemre: What is going on? Baris: You thought I couldn't do it right? I am going to police to blow the whistle on for Kuzey. Cemre: God damn it Baris. Baris: Kuzey Tekinoglu is lying since the beginning. He is misleading the law.