Monday, April 16, 2012

Kuzey Guney ep. 31 Summary

Summary of ep. 31(in case you can't read the yellow fonts in the video)

It’s time to pay back for Simay for her mistakes. Simay is waiting to have her punishment with fear.

Police is still investigating the re-opened case. Meanwhile Guney will think that Kuzey is having revenge on him by not showing up for testimony about the accident night. This will make Guney more furious against Kuzey. However, Kuzey is trying to solve the issue permanently.

Guney’s anger against Kuzey is harming Sami’s business as well. For Sami it’s time to settle the account with Guney. With a sudden decision Sami goes to Guney’s office. 
Sinaners are now in media bacause of Guney’s past. Guney will try to solve this issue by his own way but it will not help. 

Now, Baris has another opportunity to take advantage on Guney. Meanwhile, a document he will receive from Ferhat will help Baris a lot. In due time the tension between Zeynep and Cemre will keep increase due to the unnamed rivalry between both of them. Zeynep read Cemre’s tweets and she thinks that those tweets were for Kuzey. But, Cemre will lie about the tweets. Cemre’s tweets and her attitude will make Kuzey to think that she has a boy friend. The cold war between Cemre and Zeynep will push Zeynep to Kuzey more and first time Zeynep and Kuzey will stay alone. Cemre will understand that she will lose all of her hopes about Kuzey with hearth ache.


  1. could not read most of it because i couldnt see the yellow font

  2. Thank you for the comment. Please revisit the blog. Now, summary of ep. 31 is posted under the video as well.

  3. please upload epi 31 as soon as it is done, we are waiting, thank you for your work


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